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Warning: Update your Netflix Billing Info is a Scam

Beware of fake Netflix email requesting you to update your info

Netflix customers have been receiving emails asking them to update their membership information, including credit card number and other info. A link the email then sends users to a website that looks very similar to an official Netflix login page.

At that point, the fake site reportedly requests users to update the following information:

The name on their credit card

Credit card number

Card expiration date

3-digit security code

Social Security number

The link then redirects customers to the actual Netflix website.

The video streaming company said that it will never ask for personal information in an email – including payment information, Social Security number or account password.

But what makes this version of the scam so dangerous is that criminals know how much Netflix users rely on that content. So when they get an email about potentially getting locked out of their account, users are quick to update that info as soon as possible.

This is what makes this scam so successful in general — thieves are preying on consumers by leading them to believe they could lose access to some type of service or account that they rely on and use frequently.

Bottom line: Never let your guard down, regardless of how legit an email looks. If you get a request to update personal information, go to the company’s website directly — don’t click on any links sent in an email!

Another Apple-related Netflix scam to watch out for

This isn’t the first Netflix phishing scam to catch users off guard.

If you receive an emailed bill for a Netflix subscription that doesn’t seem quite right, then it probably isn’t.

According to a report from This is Money, criminals are targeting Apple users with a Netflix related scam aimed at stealing their bank account information.

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How the scam works

You get an email claiming to be from Apple with what appears to be a receipt for purchases made on your iTunes or App Store account — and sometimes the fake receipt is for a subscription to Netflix.

When a target of the scam opens the email and realizes something isn’t quite right — and that someone must have hacked their account to pay for Netflix or whatever else is on the receipt — they then click on the ‘refund’ or ‘manage subscriptions’ link in the email.

That’s when things get bad.

Like other phishing scams, the links in the email don’t take you to the company’s official website, but instead to a scam site that looks just like the real thing.

So when you click the link, you’re taken to a page that prompts you to enter your credit card details in order to get the ‘refund.’

And you’ve just given criminals access to your credit card. If you entered a debit card number, you just handed over access to your entire bank account.


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