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Some Stores Will Not Be Selling Non-Essential Items in Store.

It's being reported some stores are not allowing non-essential items to be bought in store.

Stores are reporting increases in customers “wandering” around stores and browsing things for extended periods of time. This means that there’s more opportunity for contagious Corona Virus to spread, thus not flattening the curve to keep more people, and the essential workers safe. Some states with bans on non-essential items. Governor 's have mandated an order for stores like Costco, Walmart, and Target to block off these aisles of the stores or remove products from shelves until further notice. No customer may buy these items in store. These items include, but are not limited to: arts and crafts, beauty products, electronics, carpeting, flooring, toys, clothing, and more.

But don’t panic! This doesn’t mean you can’t access these goods! You just can’t access them in store. Most of these stores are still able to provide these goods via online ordering. You can ship to your home or buy online and pick up in store. Target will even bring the items to your car! Other stores, like Michael’s and Joann Fabric, will also continue to offer curbside pickup for these items deemed non-essential. You can check out store websites and Facebook pages to find out if they’re participating in these curbside pickup services. Many are – including small businesses – and it’s contactless! Think outside the box in order to get your goods to you right now, as most stores are willing to work with you to save the sale!

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