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Seven " Must Know" Secrets for New Couponers shopping Dollar General!

You're new to couponing? We are here to help. We have Seven " must-know" secrets for beginning couponers who want to shop Dollar General.

1. You can not use a digital and paper MFQ (Manufacturer coupon) on the same item

Unless one is a store coupon and one is a manufactured coupon.

Notice the below coupons say DG Store Coupon

2. You need multiple accounts to get multiple sets of deals. Ask Family and friends for their numbers. Then create accounts to get multiple deals/

3. Dollar General allows 1 paper or digital coupon per item. Unless the coupon specifically says different.

4. Most Saturday's Dollar General will have a $5/$25 coupon available You can combine other digital and paper coupons to lower out of pocket.

5. Dollar General has "Early Activation' on its sales ad. This is done Saturday night after 7 pm.

6. You can get paper $5/$25 coupons on your receipts when you purchase an item at Dollar General.

7. If your deal does not work right, just return the items or cancel the transaction.

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