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Planning A Trip? Delta Leap Day Airfare Discounts.

If your planning a trip make sure to take advantage of Delta's Leap Day Airfare discounts.

Roundtrip tickets are as low as $86. So you should book now!

Discounted Delta Airlines Leap Day fares don’t include seat assignments until check-in or luggage fees. And like most airfare sales, fares are dependent on availability; so you know what that means — book your tickets now!

Expect to fly during set travel periods, starting from mid-April through summer 2020.

Some of the cheapest roundtrip fares we’ve seen include:

Los Angeles, CA to Las Vegas, NV: $86

Los Angeles, CA to Phoenix, AZ: $127

NYC to Tampa, FL: $177

NYC to Phoenix, AZ: $227

Chicago, IL to London, UK: $407

Seattle, WA to Las Vegas, NV: $122

Boston, MA to Tampa, FL: $167

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