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New Class Action Lawsuit - Did you buy butter or cheese?

The Class Action Lawsuit covers a lot of Big Name Companies (List Below) and is over sending milking cows to slaughter earlier than usual so there is less raw milk produced. This is killing the cows before their time is even up! This practice drives up the prices of milk and cheese, cause who wants to pay more for that? According to the Class Action lawsuit website, this class action lawsuit involves both business and individual customers who bought cheese or butter from the places listed below:

Agri-Mark, Inc.

Arkansas Dairy Cooperative Association

Associated Milk Producers Inc.

Bongards Creameries

Burke Milk Producers Cooperative, Inc.

California Dairies Inc.

Cass-Clay Creamery Inc.

Champlain Milk Producers Cooperative

Conesus Milk Producers Cooperative Association, Inc.

Continental Dairy Products, Inc.

Cooperative Milk Producers Association, Inc.

Cortland Bulk Milk Producers Cooperative

Dairy Farmers of America

Dairylea Cooperative Inc.

Dairymen’s Marketing Cooperative Inc.

Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery

Empire Keystone Cooperative

Farmers Cooperative Creamery

First District Cooperative Association

Foremost Farms USA

Humboldt Creamery Association

Jefferson Bulk Milk Cooperative, Inc.

Just Jersey Cooperative, Inc.

Land O’Lakes, Inc.

Lone Star Milk Producers

Lowville Producers Dairy Cooperative

Magic Valley Quality Milk Producers, Inc.

Manitowoc Milk Producers Cooperative

Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association

Massachusetts Coop. Milk Producers Fed. Inc.

Michigan Milk Producers Association

Mid-West Dairymen’s Co.

Mount Joy Farmers Cooperative Association

National Farmers Organization

North Lawrence Producers Cooperative, Inc.

Northwest Dairy Association (Darigold)

Oneida-Madison Milk Producers Cooperative

Prairie Farms Dairy Preble Cooperative,

River Valley Milk Producers Inc.

Schoharie County Cooperative

Dairies Seaway Bulk Milk Producers Cooperative, Inc.

Security Milk Producers Association

Select Milk Producers, Inc.

Snake River Dairymen’s Association

South New Berlin Milk Cooperative, Inc.

Southeast Milk, Inc.

St. Albans Cooperative Creamery, Inc.

Swiss Valley Farms, Co.

Tillamook County Creamery Association

United Dairy Cooperative Services, Inc.

United Dairymen of Arizona

Upstate Niagara Cooperative, Inc.

Utah Dairy Farmers Cooperative

Western Tier Milk Producers Cooperative

Zia Milk Producers Inc.

If you or someone you know bought butter or cheese from any of the above places, consider joining.

To Learn more about this Class Action Lawsuit READ MORE HERE!

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