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Hurry, Weighted Compression Vest only $20.95.

If you're looking for a weighted compression vest for your child hurry to get this deal for only $20.95 on Amazon. A compression vest is used for children with sensory issues. These vests are fairly expensive so paying only $20.95 is a great deal.

For children with Sensory Processing Disorder or other sensory sensitivities, the presence of seams or tags can be agonizingly uncomfortable. SmartKnitKIDS crafts all their products with the kid's needs in mind. The Compresso-T features a seamless torso, soft edging, and extra wide shoulder straps for a soft feel and all-day comfort. The deep pressure feeling provides the ideal amount of compression for a gentle “hug” feel that helps calm or focus your child who craves a deep sensory input. High-tech anti-microbial fibers are designed to wick away moisture while the breathable design helps prevent unwanted odors and ensures a drier undershirt. For best results, consult your occupational therapist for recommendations on the length of wear. Compresso-T sleeveless shirts are crafted in the USA with 4-way stretch Polyester/Lycra

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