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Every Hour Spent Couponing is worth $100!

If your debating on starting to coupon, then you should decide to start. Every hour

spent couponing is worth $100. Now that;s some serious money!

Couponing takes time and serious dedication. For many people it is not just a hobby, its a

way of life. Once you begin seeing the huge savings on your receipts, it will impossible to go back to paying full price.

According to a 2010 study by Kantar Media, every hour spent couponing is worth $100.

So can you imagine what an hour couponing is worth today?

I know it isn’t always easy finding the time to coupon, but $100+ savings per hour could really trim down your grocery bill. Before your next big shopping trip, you should take an hour to coupon and see how much it saves you. An hour is a small price to pay to save $100.

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