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Don't Waste your Tax Refund. Do these 8 things to help you get ahead.

We all waste our tax refund at times buying new clothes, shoes ect. So we have come up with some ideas to help you get ahead instead of wasting your tax refund.

1. Use your tax refund as a down payment on a new mortgage.

This will ensure that you stop wasting your money paying rent.

2. Enroll the kids in activities and pay in advance.

Do your kids want to enroll in dance classes, karate ect. pay for the classes in advance and you don't have to worry about having the money during the year.

3. Buy Gift Cards to help with grocery and gas expenses when times get hard.

Buy a few $50 gift cards and put them away for hard times. You will be thankful you bought these when you find it hard to pay for gas or groceries during hard times.

4. Pay for a vacation in advance.

Sometimes it's hard to save for a vacation with all the monthly expenses we have.

So why not take your tax refund and prepay for a vacation. You deserve it!

5. Stock up on school supplies with your tax refund.

If you have school aged children you know when school starts we have many extra expenses. Use your tax refund and buy school supplies so you will not have that added expense when school begins.

6. Pay your rent 6 months in advance.

Not paying rent each month will free up a ton of money to spend on extra expenses.

Pay you rent 6 months in advance with your tax refund.

7. Pay other household bills in advance.

You can pay your cell phone in advance and sometimes your electric bill.

If you can pay a partial of your monthly bills in advance this will cut down on your monthly expense.

8. Buy Birthday and Christmas presents in advance.

Yep that's right go ahead and buy gifts. Tuck them away in the closet and when that special day arrives you will not have to spend extra money.


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