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Do I need to buy 10 items when the sale is 10 for $10?

10 for $10 sale confuse many couponers. Do you wonder is you need to buy 10 products to get the sale price of $1.00 each. Well we are here to help you and explain these type of sales.

As couponers we love 10 for $10 sales, but this can be confusing for people new to couponing.

A 10 for $10 sales simply means the products are $1.00 each. Stores DO NOT tell you this because they sell more products when the consumer thinks they have to buy 10 of the product.

Don't be fooled.

Now there is an exception to this rule. If the tag reads Buy (1) at $2.58 or $10 for $10.

Then this means you will have to buy 10 products or you will be charged full price for the item. So read the tags or sales flyer carefully.

Now you know the secret. So grab those coupons and head to the store.

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