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Did P&G Coupon Inserts disappear from your Local newspaper? Here is the real story!

As a couponer, I love P&G Inserts. P&G inserts have disappeared from may newspapers over the past weekend, here is the real reason.

We had no warning, P&G coupon inserts disappeared from many local newspapers.

This cam as a complete surprise to many couponers. many stories were circulating across the internet. We saw many people posting that their was a misprint and they were

recalled. Still we had no idea what was really going on.

Finally couponsinthenews released an article stating the real reason we did not receive P&G inserts last weekend.

From couponsinthenews article:

P&G says that’s not the case. “There were no misprints or recalls associated with this brandSAVER,” P&G spokesperson Victoria Schooler told Coupons in the News. Instead, the coupon inserts vanished for the same reason they went missing from several other newspapers over the past couple of years.
“We are always striving to prevent coupon fraud,” Schooler explained. As a result, “some of our brandSAVERS will be delivered via direct mail rather than through local newspapers. This enables us to have more targeted distribution, and will hopefully also prevent some of the brandSAVER diversion that we’ve seen in the past.”
Diversion is the industry term for what happens when coupon inserts are diverted from their usual distribution channels and end up for sale online instead. According to the agreements in place among coupon insert publishers, their advertisers and those who distribute the inserts to consumers, inserts that are delivered to distribution facilities are supposed to be mailed, delivered to doorsteps or inserted into newspapers.

So now we know the real story. P&G pulled their inserts from many areas because of coupon fraud. I'm afraid this purge will not end anytime soon ans many more areas will soon lose P&G inserts.

What are your thoughts?

No need to worry, we can get still get our Tide coupons by printing them HERE.

We may not be able to get a ton of tide, but getting a few is better than nothing, right?

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