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9 Items to Always Buy At Dollar General.

Dollar General is a great place to shop. We have found the best nine products to purchase at Dollar General.

There are certain products I have noticed are always significantly cheaper at the Dollar Store so I am sharing a list of seven of the best items to purchase ONLY at the Dollar General.

1. Party Supplies – Plastic tablecloths, silverware, balloons, and disposable decorations are great items to buy here. While you are only saving about $.50 a piece, that adds up pretty quickly when buying for a party! My local Dollar General has a great selection of party supplies.

2. Seasonal Items – Dollar General deals abound on seasonal items and holiday decor. It can be a great place to put together fillers for holiday presents, etc. Dollar General deals are also a great way to decorate for school functions, etc. on a budget.

3. Canned Vegetables - Dollar General offers great deals on canned vegetables. many times a year, they offer sales where you can purchase vegetables two for a dollar.

4. Razors- Notoriously expensive even from big box retailers like Costco, razors are refreshingly cheap from Dollar General. A four-pack of high-quality, brand-name disposables is yours for less than six bucks, while cheaper off-brand razors cost mere quarters each. And combine these low prices with digital coupons for a better deal.

5. School Supplies- School supplies are extremely inexpensive at Dollar General. The Dollar General Brand items range from $1.00 and under. If you are searching for name brand items, look no further Dollar General has great deals on name brand products.

6. Laundry Detergent - In side-by-side comparison, Dollar General beats Walmart on laundry detergent pricing. The same brands sell for pennies and even dollars less from Dollar General than from the leading retailer.

7. Cleaning Supplies- As long as you check the labels carefully and make sure there are no chemicals you wish to avoid, Dollar General cleaning products can be a steal. The exact same formulas of glass, wood, and other surface cleaners are usually available at cheaper prices than you'd pay at Walmart or other stores.

8. Bath Tissue - You can get great deals on tissues and toilet paper at Dollar General. That goes for both generic brands as well as name-brand products from companies like Kleenex, Cottonelle, or Scott.

9. Pillows - Yes, you read that correctly. Dollar General is the best place to purchase pillows. You can grab hypoallergenic pillows for only $2.00 a piece. These are perfect for a guest room bed, and won’t break the bank.

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