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9 Bad Financial Habits to Quit in 2020.

We all have some type of Bad Financial Habit. Here is a list of 9 bad habits to quit in 2020.

1. Using out of network ATM's.

This is the biggest bad habit I have, If I am not close to my bank and need cash I

just go to the nearest ATM to withdraw money. This charges me unnecessary fees . which could be avoided

2. Eating Out Excessively.

When I'm out couponing or driving the kids to practice, ts a habit just to stop and grab something on the go. This quickly adds up. So refraining from eating on the go is something I must seriously change.

3. Not Cancelling All Those Unused Subscriptions.

I recently was billed $39.99 for a subscription that I have not used in over a year.

I guess its time to make sure I cancel all of those unused subscriptions. This will

save a ton of money.

4. Not Using A Written Budget.

A written budget works so much better than anything else. if it is written in a journal the budget is more likely to be followed. Seeing things in Black and white helps most people realize the necessity of a budget.

5. Not Paying All Of your Bills On Time.

Late charges add up quickly. Imagine how much money can be saved when all

those late fees are not added.

6. Making Minimum Payments on Credit Cards.

Just making minimum payments on all of your credit cards does not help to cut down

on the amount of interest you pay. Just paying a little extra over the minimum amount will slash those interest charges significantly.

7. Spending As Much As you Make or More.

This is a tremendously bad financial habit. We all want the bigger house, the new car,

new designer clothes. These things are great just make sure you are not spending

more than you make. Try to buy the smaller items with cash so you do not have the

finance charges..

8. Not Saving For Retirement.

This is one of the biggest mistakes a person can make.Retirement comes quicker than you think. Saving now will ensure you are financially stable in your golden years.

9. Not Starting An Emergency Fund.

This is crucial. Emergencies arise when we least expect it. Save a little money each paycheck in case something happens. Also try to buy a gift card every paycheck. Save these and when your short of money or an emergency comes up you are prepared.

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