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6 Secrets Extreme Couponers Don't Tell You!

The Extreme Couponing trend is returning as many people are wanting to learn to save money. If you're wanting to know the secret to extreme couponing, we have 6 secrets that extreme couponers don't tell you.

1. Extreme couponers are never brand loyal.

Not sure what brand loyal means? Brand loyal is only buying one certain name brand product. If you're wanting to become an extreme couponer you can not only purchase one particular name brand product. Coupons are released by companies in hopes that you will try their products. This means when a new product is released companies will release new high-value coupons, That is when couponers will receive the largest savings.

2. Extreme Couponers gather coupons in multiple ways.

The couponing game has changed. Extrem

e couponers don't just collect coupons from the Sunday newspaper anymore. Collecting coupons from websites and including retailer websites, brand websites and coupon printing websites is common practice.

3. Extreme couponers know food companies and grocery stores love them.

Coupons represent extremely cheap advertising for products. Grocery stores that

accept coupons bank the full coupon amount plus $0.08 handling per coupon.

4, Extreme Couponers don't waste time figuring out the deals.

Savvy couponers don't waste time figuring out how to combine coupons with items on sale. They let someone else do all the work and make the matchups-usually

database sites like Coupongirlsla.net.

5. Extreme couponers know they can attract new coupon offers by abandoning orders

in their online shopping carts.

Online retailers want to close the sale as quickly as possible. Therefore abandoning your online shopping cart will result in the company sending you an email for additional savings.

6. Extreme couponers know they can get a huge tax break on a huge haul.

Tax breaks are a big deal. Donating items to local charities or food banks is always a

great idea. Just ask for a receipt for the value of the items you donate. Save those receipts for a tax deduction.

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