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5 ways to get coupons for nothing or very cheap.

As couponers, we are always looking for ways to save money. The most difficult

item to get free is coupons. Well, we have 5 suggestions that help you do just that.

1. Ask neighbors if you can have their unwanted inserts.

Check with your neighbors they may be throwing away their

coupon inserts and may be willing to give them to your free.

2. Ask gas station and convenience store managers if you can have their unsold newspaper inserts.

Ask convience store managers for unsold Sunday Newpapers. Some stores are just wanting to get rid of the excess.

3. Check coffee shops and fast food restaurants that your visit.

4. Ask a librarian if you can have the coupon inserts in the library’s Sunday papers.

Your local library probably receives the Sunday paper along with all of its coupon inserts. Check with them to see if you can go through the papers on Monday.

5. Find discounted Sunday papers on Monday mornings.

Check out your favorite grocery or discount store. Sometimes you can find a ton of Sunday papers that the managers will give you at a discounted price.

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