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5 Ways to Bring Your Couponing Skills To The Next Level!

Do you want to bring your couponing skills to the next level? We have 5 ways that will help you.

1. The number one thing you need to do to bring your couponing skills to the next level is get more inserts. The more coupons you have the more deals you can score.

Ways to get more inserts

Ask friends and family for inserts they are not going to use.

Order inserts from a trusted coupon fairy.

Check local stores for newspapers they will discard.:

2. Use Apps to save even more money after purchasing your items with coupons.

Apps to use:



Fetch Rewards

3. Combine Digital and Manufactured coupons when possible.

Use digital coupons that can be loaded to your store loyalty card or store account and redeemed at checkout when you enter your phone number. if you want to combine digital coupons and manufactured coupon make sure the digital coupon is a " store coupon".

4. Print Free Coupons to get extra deals.

To find free coupons, you can go directly to the manufacturer, install the free coupon-printing software (necessary to ensure coupon quantities per person aren’t abused), and print right from their site. You can also go to Coupons.com or even search CouponGirlsla database of free coupons by brand or product.

5. Never Pay Over $1.00 for Any Product

Build your stockpile and then you can limit what you spend on any product.

Our personal spending preference is " Never Spend Over $1.00" on any product.

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