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10 Things to Keep Your Kids From Getting Bored.

Being out of school it is easy for our children to get bored. Here are 10 creative ideas to keep your kids active,

10 things to keep your kids from getting bored

1. Have an indoor picnic

Clear a spot on the floor, grab a blanket and have an indoor picnic. You can make it creative by letting the kids make sandwiches. Let them choose the one item they would like to eat.

It doesn't take much to make kids happy. You can even decide to have a picnic in a bedroom this would be a very memorable experience. One experience the kids will talk about for years.

2. Have a Ballon Party

This one is easy and a ton of fun. Just grab a pack of balloons from your Dollar Tree or Dollar General. Let the kids blow each balloon up.

Pick a room with some extra space. Place all inflated balloons in the room. Turn some music on. And lets the kids go. Dance and have fun.

3. Have A Fashion Show.

If you have children who love to dress up. Then this one is for them. let them have a fashion show and you be the judge.

Snap photos of them as they walk down the runway and pretend they are models.

4. Set Up A Indoor Bowling Game.

Use a ball and some plastic water bottles. Have the kids keep score, or count the number of times they get a strike. This game is a 'strike' with kids.

5. Have the kids make Collages

Hand them a bunch of old magazines, scissors, and a challenge them to create the world's largest, most magnificent collage of things they love.

6. Play Life Size Tic Tac Toe

Create a larger-than-life tic-tac-toe board with masking tape on the carpet, and X's and O's on the backs of paper plates. Something about scaling it large makes the game much more fun.

7. Perform A Musical

Challenge your kids to put together a play or musical complete with a script and costumes, which they'll perform at 5 p.m. sharp.

8. Let The Kids Have A Blind Taste Test

Grab a blindfold or handkerchief and let the kids taste selected food items or drinks and guess what they are. They will have a blast.

9. Learn To Read A Map

This is educational and it can be fun. Teach the kids to read a map. Choose a random place on the map and ask your child to explain how to get there by using directions on a map.

10. Create an Indoor Obstacle Course

If the kids can't get out to exercise, this is a fun way to get them active. Tell them to create an indoor obstacle course, then time how long it takes to get through it.

Share with your friends, we all need things to keep our kids occupied.


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