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10 Products That Are Always Free.

If you don't know about these 10 Products you can always get free, then check this out.

Never pay for these items.

1. Toothpaste

Toothpaste is always free with coupons. This is the number one item never to pay for.

Drugstores always offer deals for free toothpaste using coupons.


You can find freebie candy deals at drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid especially around holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Candy companies like Mars will offer high-value coupons (up to $1 off) before a holiday to help drive sales. The secret is that you can often use these high value coupons on smaller items or single candy bars instead of the big bags, making them free!

3. Feminine hygiene products

Free tampons and pads are always free. Here at CGLA we are always posting about free deals at drugstores and grocery stores.

4. Disposable razors

Disposable razors are always free with high value coupons at drugstores and grocery stores. Bic, Venus, and Gillette. Also you should never pay for shaving cream.

5. Diapers and Wipes

Huggies and pampers offer high values coupons for diapers and wipes. Kroger and Publix usually have great sales where we can get these items free. Then if you join pampers rewards program you can qualify for free diapers.

6. Magazine subscriptions

Reward Survey lets you earn points for free subscriptions for magazines like Time, Real Simple, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Sports Illustrated.

7. Never pay for bath tissue or paper towels

If you have seen my episode of TLC Extreme couponing then you know my favorite product to stock up on is bath tissue. There is a trick to getting it free read the fine print on the coupon. Buy smaller sizes for free if the coupon allows. Also with paper towels most of the time the coupon will allow you to purchase single rolls.

8. Never pay for condiments

I can't stress this enough never pay for condiments such as ketchup, mustard, or bbq sauce. There are always deals on these products making them free. During peek seasons of the year such as Memorial Day we receive high value coupons and stores lower prices.

9. Shipping supplies

You local post office has free shipping boxes and you can have them delivered to you door.

10. You should never pay for your children to eat at a restaurant.

There’s no reason you should ever pay for your kids to eat at a restaurant.

If you’re a paying adult, you should be taking advantage of kids-eat-free deals from restaurants like Olive Garden, Chick-fil-A, Red Robin and more.

Olive Garden sends out emails with kids-eat-free promos every two months; Red Robin gives kids a free meal on their birthdays


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